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High Risk & Complex Liability

High Risk & Complex Liability

Whether it’s a mining risk, a chemical blender or a multinational programme, Tasker & Partners broking team have an extensive array of markets and experience available to cater for higher risk and complex liability exposures.  

For example, there are some reoccurring issues when placing particular risks in the composite market such as heavy export ratios to North America or safety critical products for example. However, we can usually facilitate solutions for these risks and turn around competitive quotes quickly. Enabling our partner brokers to cover their client’s liability exposures despite the challenges in finding a market.  

We also have the option to utilise in house facilities to enhance the processing efficiency of the risks whilst maintaining full and direct access to the specialist Underwriters in the market. 

For UK and Multinational risks we place this business via Tasker & Partners Limited
For EU domiciled risks we place this business via Tasker Brokers (Europe) GmbH.
For any challenging or complex liability placements please give the team a call and our broking team will formulate with you a suggested placing approach.

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Chris Choat

Head of Broking

Richard Ellis

Senior Placing Broker

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