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Cyber & Technology

Cyber & Technology

Hackers are not concerned on the size of your client’s business, but rather their level of vulnerability.  

Clients who have a particular need for a Cyber policy would include those:

  • Taking card payments  
  • Holding sensitive customer data such as names, addresses, emails, banking information 
  • Are reliant on computer systems to conduct business 
  • Have a website or app  
  • Have staff who utilise email daily 
  • Have a dependence on computer systems  

Our team have direct access to market leading Cyber products and their respective Underwriters but also the experience to assist you and your clients to review their potential exposures and threats to enable us to make our recommendations on the right coverage and market accordingly. 

For UK and Multinational risks we place this business via Tasker & Partners Limited
For EU domiciled risks we place this business via Tasker Brokers (Europe) GmbH.
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