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Recently, the hardworking TPL team secured business for a unique sustainable energy company. The firm provides new emerging technology, reimagining wind turbines (VAWTs) and distributing them across the country in aim to grow and pioneer local renewable energy.

Broker Testimonial: 
Anna Wilkinson – 1StopInsurance

“When faced with placing a potential case of a lifetime, I knew first & foremost; assistance would be needed to reach the right underwriters in Lloyd’s. It was one of those cases where you needed to establish the relationships and calculate the possibilities of cover prior to making any promises. I approached Tasker & Partners for a point of contact, and they provided their BDM, Andy Waring. Andy and I worked very closely on this case, and I can say that he went above & beyond to reach the right people and ask the right questions. Between us, we were able to manage the client’s expectations and overcome queries that were presented to us. We placed the risk in a timely manner for the size and complexities which applied, Tasker & Partners have been very helpful on this case, and they are a valued business partner to 1Stop Insurance Consultants Ltd, thank you!”

Tasker & Partners are here to help with more bespoke placements & hard to place queries. Just get in touch!

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