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It’s more than just an Ampersand: Tasker & Partners rebrand

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You may have read recently that Tasker Insurance Group (TIG) along with all their subsidiaries have launched a new visual brand to the world. The historical orange has gone, being replaced with the much more sleek black and white simplicity that is the new Tasker Insurance Group brand family. Or rather, the Tasker & Partners branding seems to have evolved one step further and spread throughout the Group, with our own logo’s refresh being to simply add in the elusive ampersand. You would be forgiven for thinking that visually, not much has changed for Tasker & Partners. However, for us it really is more than just an ampersand.

Tasker & Partners was born out of a passion for broking and the hunger of an independent brokerage. Established in 1999, within 6 years we successfully registered as one of now 301 Lloyd’s Brokers– a huge achievement for such a young company. Nearly 20 years on and we are now part of a much larger independant intermediary, Tasker Insurance Group, along with our sister companies MGA Gresham Underwriting and specialist retail broker Tasker Insurance Brokers. In September 2017 CEO Rob Organ, previously of Bluefin, joined the business to drive the Group forward with an accelerated growth and acquisition plan. A key element of the strategy was to align the Group’s service proposition and to ensure our clients fully understood the capabilities and expertise within the business.

Through a series of specialist consultations, it was revealed that Tasker & Partners has established the strongest brand image within the Group. Tasker & Partners was receiving a higher rate of organic traffic to their website than the other brands within the Group. We also appeared in more search queries and had optimised our digital footprint via social media outreach.

It became evident that due to our reputation as trusted specialists, offering innovative solutions within the Lloyd’s broking market, Tasker & Partners had become the most recognisable. It was felt that the ethos associated with Tasker & Partners accurately represented the Group as a whole and the decision was made to enhance the strength of this brand by affiliating the rest of the Group.

We are strong believers in the term ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’. So we didn’t break it. Instead, the decision was made by the rest of the Group to create a brand architecture leveraging the Tasker & Partners branding . Visually the brands within the Group are united and provide a recognisable proposition across the wholesale and retail broking markets.

But what does it mean for Tasker & Partners? For us, being part of a Group means working together to provide the best service possible to our brokers. It means supporting our sister companies, and developing joint distribution strategies to benefit our brokers. Overall, it means finding ways to increase the service that we can provide to our brokers from being part of an independant Group, and the new brand architecture of the Group helps bring all of this work and ambition to the forefront. As a business, we are focused wholly on our brokers and will be using our expert market knowledge as trusted advisers to enhance our delivery of specialist risks and capacity placement – this will be enhanced through our new digital approach and communication framework.

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